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Now let's dive into the questions about your personality

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The test consists of 43 questions. It is about your personal values and views. You don't have to think about that for long. So it's pretty quick.

Even in stressful situations, I discuss challenges/problems at eye level

It is important to me to discuss problems promptly

I find it easy to stay relaxed and focused even when I am under stress

I am very nervous in stressful situations

My mood can change very quickly

I quickly panic

At a new workplace, I quickly participate in social activities

I have more energy after spending time with other people

I talk to a lot of different people at events

I take responsibility and lead others

I don't mind being the center of attention

I enjoy going to social events

In social situations I often take the initiative

It is easy for me to make new contacts

I feel good when I am in company

I find it hard to introduce myself to other people

Normally I do not start conversations

I am a calm and reserved person

I do not like to draw attention to myself

I am more practical than creative

My way of working resembles random bursts of energy rather than a methodical and organized approach

I prefer to improvise rather than plan carefully

I have no problem setting a personal schedule and sticking to it

My head is always full of unexplored ideas and plans

I tend to put things off until there is not enough time to get everything done

I prefer variety instead of routine

I work hard and invest the time and energy that a project requires

I do more than is expected of me

I try to answer my emails as soon as possible and can't stand a messy inbox

I am highly motivated and full of energy

My workplace is quite tidy

It is important to me that people trust each other in the team

I keep my promises / stick to agreements

Respectful interaction is very important to me

Honesty is very important to me

Integrity is very important to me

It is more important to me that no one is upset than that I win a debate

Others rarely manage to annoy me

In a discussion, the truth is more important to me than the sore points of others

I rarely worry about how my actions affect others

I am controlled by my emotions rather than controlling my emotions

Being right is more important to me in a team than being cooperative

I believe that there is no such thing as "absolutely right" or "absolutely wrong"

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Please verify yourself!

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For Students: the proof can be your enrollment certificate or a photo of your student ID.

For Alumni: you can upload proof of your degree

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